Using the YTD downloader

The habit of watching videos and listening to music has increased in popularity in the recent past. This has generally been brought about by development in social networking and the act of sharing media in public. Most of the people have of late been turning to YouTube Downloader to save various videos and music files.

ytd video downloader

So what is this YouTube Downloader?

Normally known to enable one download an entire video from YouTube onto your computer, laptop or mobile device. This has been of great benefits since it has enabled people to be in a position to view the videos anywhere at any time.

There are various forms of YouTube downloaders though. So which is the most popular form of the YouTube downloader? The best form is the one which is capable of ripping and downloading only the audio from a particular video. This has enabled most of the people to easily access their favorite songs.


With the increase in demand of saving YouTube videos, there are lots of websites where you can be able to find the YTD downloader software. However, you need to research on the best site which can provide you with the software. The free YouTube downloader software also has adjustable settings. This enables anyone using this YTD free downloader software to easily modify the various settings available in order to suit your own taste. However, before you can start downloading the software, it is advisable to identify what you will be able to get for example, whether you are interested in getting the audio only or you want to get both the audio, music and the video.

The YouTube Downloader is Simple

This software is normally simple in nature. Its simplicity makes one to easily understand the instructions on how best to use it. There is no need to getting in touch with someone who specializes in the computer industry in order to download it and have it installed.

Easier download procedure

Downloading the videos using it is very easy and faster. After you have installed it, you are ready to start downloading your favorite videos and audios. All you have to do is paste the url of the YouTube videos you are interested in downloading.

YouTube downloader free

Most software’s are not free as such. There are others which will require you to purchase the serial keys which others have to be activated after some period of time.The downloader is completely free and you will never be required to activate of purchase anything from this product.

More secure watching videos offline

Most people and companies are today using the YouTube to advertise their products and services. There are lots of ads on YouTube platforms which encourage the viewers to click on. Some of these ads however are just but malicious programs which are capable of completely destroying your computer system. Some of these ads are leads to viruses, spams and such like stuff. There by downloading your favorite audio and video files completely reduces the risk of one encountering such links. The offline watching of videos and listening of music is therefore more secured as compared to online viewing.


The YouTube downloader offers lots of convenience and versatility options since you can always playback. People can easily sync the video files they have downloaded the either their mobile phones or MP3 players.

Library Management

By downloading of your favorite music files and videos to your computers, you have an easier task to manage, organize or even edit your media library with lots of ease. Services like Napster will always require internet connection. This eliminates the possibility of one accessing his or her favorite videos and audio while offline.

Improved video and audio quality

Have you ever enjoyed watching videos or audio on a congested site? It really takes some time for your video and audio to play continuous. Since there is huge traffic, it takes some time to load. This can be lead to time wasting too and poor quality. When you download the videos and audio and watch or listen to them offline, the quality if usually great and it plays continues hence not time is wasted while waiting for the video to load.

Lots of flexibility
No internet connection is required when you want to watch or listed to your downloaded videos and audio. This enables anyone to watch the videos at their own free time and place. Some few years back, people could only watch at their favorite videos while connected to the internet which was not very friendly for people who did not have constant access to the internet connect.

Also the constant internet disconnection does not have any impact to your downloaded videos.


Dragonball Xenoverse Review

Dragonball Xenoverse Review

Dragonball Xenoverse was published in February 2015 on Xbox 360, XboxOne, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows by Bandai Namco Games. With a revolutionized 3D graphics and a HD cartoon gameplay, the game allows the players to have a realistic feeling, as if they were commanding and have complete control over the events in the famous cartoon by the same name. Dragonball Xenoverse features all of the cartoon’s most famous characters. In the game, many famous battles from the cartoon are recreated. Unlike many other Dragonball games, which are repetitive, this games’ story features a custom made character that faces many challenges. You get help and fight side by side with Goku and many more.

The game can be played in Single-player or in Multiplayer mode with many other features and sub-modes. Many games can be finished in less than 6 hours and there is nothing to do after that. Nobody wants to give 40 dollars and get 6 hours of fun. This game gives the ultimate pleasure of constant fun even after you finish the Single-player. You can crush your friends in a 3 vs 3 arena battles. Also, the single player mode features original battles versus Vegeta, Cell, Frieza and many more.

dragonball xenoverse

The player customization is a lot of fun and gives the freedom of choice between Earthling, Namekian, Saiyan, Majin and Frieza’s races. The player is facing different challenges and gets new skills and higher levels as he grows. Each race has unique traits and stats at the beginning as it was shown in the Network beta test, before the game was released. Namekians have better healing skills with items and regeneration when health is low. Saiyans have low health and high damage and grow stronger when revived. This gives a nice progression to the game. You start off with a few tricks and mediocre looks and as you progress, you find yourself looking all badass and having many moves and tricks in your sleeves.

There are many new characters, but also, it features all of the old ones. You can recreate a good old Goku vs Vegeta battle or a 3v3 battle with your friends in the Multiplayer mode.

Become an Apprentice

The “become an apprentice” mode is a training experience which enables the custom player to train with many heroes and villains and learn their skills and traits. The player can have only one master at a time. However, you can switch masters at any time in the Toki Toki City.


The masters will help you in your battles. They will appear and assist you in fighting your enemies. After you finish the training with your master, you will gain their ultimate skill and can use it in your battles further in the game. You can even call an assist before casting the ultimate spell and your master’s soul will help you and cast an even more powerful spell which will absolutely destroy your enemy.


            The fighters have freedom to free-roam into large arenas and clash on many ground platforms, while flying and in the water. The camera often freezes or show some attacks in slow motion to better capture the fight. The fighters show realistic facial expressions while fighting and the battles feature many dialogs between the main character and his enemies. The world is very large and the players can explore the planet as they progress. It’s what makes the game most fun. All of the skills seen in the cartoon can be executed in this game. You can execute combos, teleport behind enemies, flying at very high speed, firing blasts of huge energy and many more.

Dragonball Xenoverse Review


I will make this section rather small, because this Dragonball Xenoverse review is meant to inform and give a true feeling of what the game looks and feels like and not give out too many details or give spoilers.

In Dragonball Xenoverse, there has been an interference with the timeline and the Demon God Demira is released. He damages the history and past events are changed. The goal is to defeat Demira and restore the timeline to normal.


Although this game is getting mixed reviews, we give it a rating of 9/10. We think that it feels more real than any other Dragonball game and the great gameplay, storyline and various modes prove this. IGN rated it 6.7 out of 10, GameSpot gave it 6/10, Steam – 9 of 10 and Hardcore Gamer a 3.5/5. The most criticized point is the repetitiveness and poor performance on some platforms.

Downloadable Content

One DLC packs has been released on March 17 2015 and it features new characters, quests and equipment. Two more DLC packs have been announced and they are expected to bring new characters, quests and costumes for a more realistic and better gameplay.


These drawbacks and bad reviews didn’t stop more than a million people to buy it and it didn’t stop me from spending 8 hours in the first day I bought it. It is definitely worth the money.







FIFA 15 – Authentic Goal Scorers to the Rescue

A single event can tell a lot about the design philosophy of the game and that’s why you can sit back and enjoy this year’s EA FIFA 2015 as it exudes the game play like an authentic football match.

Electronic arts really did make an impression when it released FIFA 2014, yet it took the chances and delivered an impressive design language and authenticity this time of the year than its predecessor. Every year, the developers at EA make minor improvements over the latest releases. This year, their choice was not about making it look good, but to make it more authentic. 600 new emotional reactions have been sketched, and each player responds to big moments in the game as how he responds in real life. The developers at EA sportsname this as ‘Emotional intelligence’ as human beings are guided by emotions and not rules.

Even the tackles and missed goal reactions are made as same as how the player would react in the ground. We cannot expect more authentic scenes than that, can we?

With improved visuals and animations more specifically around the goalkeeper, it does provide us with an enjoyable experience when compared to the older ones.

Judging the features employed here, we cannot see much difference compared to its cousin version, which makes us feel that the game could have been released as a special edition of the FIFA 14. Nevertheless, it’s 2015 now and certain things have to be changed to gain revenues.

Team management options have also been redesigned to enhance its user-friendliness. So, it becomes easier to assign individual instructions to different players that can give the much needed flexibility that you always wanted. You can also choose between possession based schemes and long ball passes at the push of a button. These options are not that good when compared to games like football manager, but provides you with an easier way of choosing how a player should react to different attacks on the field.

The major improvement (in terms of features)  EA sports did was with the Ultimate Team mode. Here, you can take control of customizing the characters in the field and even create your own team from the real world characters in the football world. Even the 1980’s legends such as Ronaldo, Maradona, Archie hunter, and Sam hardy can be paired up with the current generation players like Kaka or Messi.  Now that’s virtual football at its peak. You also have the option to battle out teams created by other players in online tournaments and club divisions. The latest edition also includes the ability to loan high quality players like Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to add up the much needed star-factor for your team. It is a great mode indeed and gives a more polished look to the game.

There’s also the popular multiplayer mode, where 15-year olds from various towns are waiting to go head-to-head with people like us to hand a 5-0 thrashing.

FIFA 2015 gives you a captivating experience during the entire run time of the game. The goalkeepers may appear more skilled, but spectacular goals are enough to prove that you are better than the CPU. Tactical and counter options are just right to change the course of the game, but there are chances where you can confuse yourself by doing so.

While FIFA 15’s refinements are worthy. There are still some flaws that could be rectified in the game, but that cannot be considered a major issue, as it releases a game every year to suit the need of the fans.

The Good

  • Engaging gameplay and a much better presentation
  • Better goalkeeper skills and authenticity
  • Tactics are easier to implement
  • Multi-player mode remains as a blessing

The Bad

  • The AI of the teammates could be improved

The Game modes are a bit complicated